How to Save During the Holidays While Creating Family Memories

a family goes caroling

The holidays are approaching fast, and along with them can sometimes be anxiety about gifting, spending, and sticking to your budget. It might be challenging to come up with family-friendly activities that don't break the bank. So today, we wanted to highlight some great memory-making ideas that will help you save during the holidays and create family bonding moments.

Memories In The Kitchen

Spend some time with children in the kitchen. Baking cookies or making grandma's signature gravy can be a great way to bond with the family. You can take advantage of teaching your kids the basics of cooking or baking, as well as ingredient shopping on a budget. Hours spent mixing, pouring, decorating can create lasting memories with very little expense.

Creative Holiday Crafting

Stringing up popcorn strands and twisting pipe cleaner antlers onto candy cane reindeer, can be entertaining and inexpensive ideas to spend time with the kids. Find everyday items lying around your house and browse the online crafting sites for inspiration. Making decorations for the family tree or homemade gifts for loved ones can be hours of activity and fun. It can be inexpensive or even free too, which will keep you on par with your budget.

Seeing the Lights

The only investment needed is a little gas in the family car. Load up the children, in their pajamas and with their favorite blankets, for a ride around the neighborhood to take in the holiday lights. Designate a specific night each week to venturing out for new finds. Make a contest of it and have everyone judge their favorite spectacles. Pack some snacks and car safe hot cocoa. You'll be creating a family tradition, without having to spend a lot of money to do it.

Homemade Wrapping as a Way to Save During the Holidays

Make use of an unused pile of brown paper sacks. Wrap gifts with them and ask the little ones to help you draw and decorate with crayons or markers. The kids will enjoy coming up with their own designs, and you'll save money by creating wrapping paper instead of buying it.

Volunteering & Donating

Look online for local opportunities to volunteer or donate your time as a family. Charitable contributions as a family are wonderful life lessons and embrace the seasons of giving. Make a shortlist of local animal shelters, nursing homes, or shelters. Decide as a family which volunteer effort you'd like to do collectively. You'll be giving, without spending and it may be inspiring to your spirit this holiday season.

Family Movie Night

No need to spend a small fortune with a holiday family movie night. With a host of seasonal movies on television, or via streaming service, you can dial in a Christmas classic and gather the family. Make popcorn and grab everyone's favorite blanket. It will be a popular family tradition that won't break the bank.

Caroling In The Neighborhood

One of the best ways to save during the holidays is to focus on activities free of charge- like caroling! Depending on where you live and weather permitting, consider taking the family on a winter walk to do some caroling. Print out some of your kids' favorite song lyrics and visit friends to spread holiday cheer. If the great outdoors is too cold, maybe offer to sing carols at a local nursing home or senior living facility. Or, make it even more remote and consider calling friends and family for caroling over the phone or skype. You can create fun and lasting memories wherever you sing, and it won't cost a dime.

The holidays present an excellent opportunity for connecting and family bonding. Take advantage of these fun and memory-making ideas to keep your season bright and your budget intact.