Climb back from debt with a low interest rate debt consolidation loan from White Mountain Partners


White Mountain Partners knows that your priorities are the same as ours: Getting you the best interest rate available. We know that paying the minimum balance each month only creates more interest payments and not more paying down your debt. Let us stop that cycle. We are offering you an interest rate in the single digits and a single monthly payment. Start prioritizing savings instead of paying back debt with a low interest rate debt consolidation loan from White Mountain Partners.

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One monthly payment
Interest rate to the single digits
Cut your payments in half

How Much Can You Save?

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$.00 $.00      %


Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

White Mountain Partners RATE

With White Mountain Partners, you will pay total interest of

See What People Are Saying...

Del Mar, California
I used to be embarrassed to talk about how much debt I was in because I felt I was too smart to put myself in this position. I was taught to just pay the minimum because it made my credit look good to be consistent. Maybe in my parents’ time that was the case. My interest has now surpassed what I owed and I couldn’t make a dent. White Mountain Partners understood where I was coming from. Not only am I paying it all back, but I can actually start saving. Thank you, White Mountain Partners.
Livingston, New Jersey
No one prepared me for what getting into debt would feel like, or be like. I didn’t know people could call me at all hours of the night, leave messages for me at work, and basically use whatever means to collect their money. Now, I am not in what I would think is the kind of debt that would warrant that. And, I do pay it a little at a time, when I get enough money together. I was overwhelmed by the calls, the mail, and the money I owed. I didn’t want to tell anyone. When I got the offer from White Mountain I was so relieved. They really put me on a plan I could handle.

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